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Ganbare Nippon Collaboration!

April 26, 2011


I posted about this a couple weeks ago: Victor over at Gimmeabreakman channel, and one of the best known Jvloggers out there, has put together an amazing YouTube community collaboration video to uplift the spirits of the Japanese and also to raise money to aid the relief efforts.

Well, the video is finally up and ready to be watched! Here’s how you can help!
Watch the video!
Click the Like button!
Comment on the video!
Spread the link around to others via social media!

Easy as can be! This video is being hosted through the YouTube Partners program. Basically, all of the activity on the video will build up ad revenue being run through Google. The money is being donated directly into Japanese Red Cross funds. This is a beautiful piece of art, showing the true spirit of humanity at its best: compassion, love, strength, and solidarity. Thanks to Victor for putting it together and to all of the people who worked on the editing, music, and especially those who submitted videos and pictures to support the project and to support Japan.

I’m so happy and honored that I appear in the video…twice! (I feel a bit bad for those who were cut when I made it in twice but Victor promised that a longer video is in the works too, including unseen footage!) Watch the video! Here’s a fun game… can you find me? You may need to watch it multiple times to locate my exact presence! In order to help up the views of this video… I’m not going to tell you where I am! haha But I promise, I’m in there twice! 😀

Ganbare Nippon! It is difficult to translate but it means along the lines of “Hang in there Japan! Stay strong. Don’t give up!”

IMPORTANT! Just because I am in the video and posting about it does NOT mean that I claim to have any ownership of this video! Nor did I work on it at all! All of the labor, the idea, the work was done by Victor and his minons! 😉

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  1. Elizabeth permalink
    April 26, 2011 4:37 pm

    Thank you so much for posting this. I am so glad this video was made. It is absolutely wonderful.
    P.S. Found you both times. 🙂

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