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My Little Dreams

April 18, 2011

Far, Far Away…
Her eyes are shining
Imploring me to dream on…
To dance with her.
I cherish every moment
When I can see her fall of silky hair
When I can hear her singing softly
Murmuring words in multiple languages.

In Between…
His smile widens brightly
Pulling me deeper into his heart…
To love him.
I cradle and caress.
He tumbles wildly laughing
He reaches upward for me
Whispering words of secret adventures.

Somehow years have sped past me
Without my knowledge or movement.
I am Far, Far Away with her
I am with him In Between.

Echoes call out
Reaching faintly
Calling, hoping to be caught and held
I run headlong after them
Stretching towards them…
But they are mischievous, misleading
Disappearing around corners
My children playing hide and seek
Tagging me to chase them onward
In Between… Far, Far Away

I’m not sure when I’m dreaming.
I’m not sure where they are waiting.
I’m not sure I should wake up.
Lest I lose them in one more mourning sunrise…

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