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大丈夫です。I’m fine.

April 7, 2011

Yes, there was another earthquake about an hour ago. It was very large and lasted for awhile.

I’m fine.

I was just startled and scared. It was listed as a 7.5 strength at the epicenter which is in the Tohoku region… pretty much the exact place where last month’s quake and tsunami hit. This is the last thing that is needed there. My heart aches for the people there beyond whatever words I can haphazardly put together.

In my part of Japan the quake wasn’t as strong… only a 3. I can’t even begin to imagine what a stronger quake feels like because that scared the crap out of me. With everything happening late at night, in the dark, and being by myself rather than with my co-workers certainly added a layer of extra fear to the experience.

I’m sure the news will have more information later. I’m not really going to write anything more as it brings up horrible memories. All I ask is, please remember Japan in your thoughts! Please donate to help the people in the Tohoku region.


I’m going to try and lay down to sleep again.
I love you Japan. Be safe tonight, please.
Be gentle.

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