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Support and Solidarity

April 1, 2011

The recent heartbreak and anguish that imposed itself upon the lives of the Japanese people has been overwhelming. I had to make a conscious decision to turn off the news and go outside and remember that I cannot become idle with despair. I have been trying to do everything within my power to bring awareness to the need for help and donations. I want to thank all of you, my friends and readers for the notes you’ve left me, offering such kind condolences and the wonderful news that you have donated to aid Japan. Every little yennie helps. The fact that you have given of yourself, of your own finances, and of your own time to pray and send positive thoughts and energy to Japan is a beautiful reminder that though this world is often so painful to be apart of, being human, joined with other humans is truly a remarkable, seemingly miraculous occurence and privelege.

I want to help promote what others are doing to bring more aid to the relief efforts in Japan. Please watch this video, click on the links, and get involved! These are such creative, thoughtful avenues of support. I applaud what these individuals are doing and highly encourage you to join up with them to make a difference!

QUAKEBOOK is an amazing project!! A Twitter-sourced charity book about how the Japanese Earthquake at 2:46 on March 11, 2011 affected us all. All revenues from the QuakeBook Book go to the Japan Red Cross. Go check it out and buy one!


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