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大変だから日本のために思いやって下さい。Please care for Japan in this difficult time.

March 16, 2011

It feels like the tragedies in Japan are unending. It is so easy to be overwhelmed in times like these with the images and videos and stories we are inundated with on the news. With the level of suffering and grief that is rising in our faces, sometimes we need to take a break and turn off the TV and X out of that web page. However, for millions of people, there is no convenient button to push that will make these realities go away. They have lost everything. Beyond material possession, their hearts have been stolen out from within them.

Allow me to bring you into my world a little bit closer. Let me put a face and a name to this crisis for you.

This is Daiiki. He is eleven years old and is one of my sixth grade students. He is a sweet, shy boy with a quick smile.
Daiiki really enjoys English but he is shy and slow to speak. Recently, we have been talking about what the students want to be when they grow up. The class has learned the grammar well, so on the last day of class they did short speeches talking about their future hopes and dreams.
At the last minute, Daiiki asked if he could change his speech. I was a bit worried he would mess up in front of the students and get embarrassed but I told him to go for it. Up until last week, Daiiki kept saying he wanted to be a baker. I asked him why he suddenly changed his mind.

It turns out, his mother is from Sendai. Her family has lost everything in the recent earthquake. Their entire livelihood crumbled around them. I was gutted listening to him and asked if I could record his speech. He shyly smiled and said yes. He wanted other people to hear it and to help. Here is his best English.

Hello. My name is Daiiki. I want to be a police man because I want to stop problems in Japan.

I would beg you to also help stop the problems in Japan. Do whatever you can to make a difference. Let’s give hope and help to the hurting and the broken. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. ありがとうございます!


Here is a list of links of *legitimate* charities (vouched for by reputable news agencies) who are receiving donations to aid in Japan Disaster Relief.


American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

Church World Service

Habitat For Humanity

Giving Children Hope


Tzu Chi Foundation

Catholic Relief Services


NYC Mayor’s Fund


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  1. mike permalink
    March 16, 2011 8:36 pm

    Tell him thank you, and a very great Job from America ^^

  2. March 17, 2011 8:45 am

    Just donated a small amount to the Tzu Chi Foundation. It’s not much but hopefully, it’s a little help ‘though.


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