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FedEx is my best friend.

February 20, 2010

Well, I feel like I’m one of the last ones, but I FINALLY got my Certificate of Eligibility from the Tokyo!

Everything has been right on time and running smoothly so far. *knocks wood*
Let’s hope things keep on this pace!
((Can I be a silly girl momentarily? I hate how chubby my face looks in that picture! Dislike! I don’t know how that happened because I actually liked my passport picture before I saw it on here!))

I honestly have no idea how FedEx got it here so quickly. It took about 36 hours. From Tokyo to Florida! How do they do this?
They were even able to get it to my door earlier than anticipated. I initally received a 10:30am delivery time from my tracking of the package. So imagine my surprise when I get a knock on the door at 9:00am! The poor courier probably went blind after my bright blue, fuzzy Eeyore pajama pants! But it arrived safe and sound.

Since FedEx exceeded my expectations for delivery service, I decided to use them, rather than the good old U.S. Postal Service to send my CoE and visa application down to the consulate in Miami. Since I’m just sending it within the state, ground service was 99% guaranteed to arrive the next day. So it was a lot cheaper than I was expecting. I also received a tracking number (you better believe I’m keeping tabs on my passport being in the mail!) and paid for a return envelope to be sent to the consulate. I need them to send my passport BACK TO ME and to send me my actual visa. If all goes well, I should be receiving all these finalized documents by next Monday. I’m holding my breath anxiously and we’ll see how FedEx holds up!

Lose my passport and you will be dealing with an irrate American girl!
Do your job and you can be my new best friend!

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  1. seishirou2candy permalink
    February 21, 2010 7:15 am

    i was too terrified to send my passport in the mail…so i’ve been taking days off of work and going to NYC each weekend to drop it off and pick it up. can’t say it’s been easy; especially with the crazy winter storms that seem to be unrelenting up here. i was just so terrified that if i sent it via mail that it would get lost and i’d be without a job ~___~;;

    on another note, everyone seems super keen to visit you in hokkaido! i’m getting excited about it myself! i’m definitely going to korea this summer if by chance you decide to put off your travel there until later and want to travel together. my korean friend from grad school is meeting up with me and we’re planning to give a recital in her hometown (she’s a pianist and i’m a singer).

  2. February 22, 2010 1:47 am

    Hahaha! When Mr. Fedex man came I was butt-naked. My boyfriend had the pleasure of seeing my naked arse running across the room, before grabbing a dressing gown and then rushing to the front door!

    I opened the door with a bright and cheery “morning!!!!!”. With bed head and dressing gown at about 9:30. Do you think postmen etc are used to seeing you all dishevelled in the morning, though?

  3. February 22, 2010 6:25 pm

    Haha I’d be sooo scared if I had to mail my passport away. D: Though I suppose if it were necessary, as it is for a nice little Viiiiiisa~ 😀

    My passport is my little treasure right now, haha. I never thought I’d have one someday…I currently have it locked in a mini safe until I get to use it in June!

  4. February 22, 2010 11:06 pm

    I’m sure you’ll be fine. I was really paranoid handing over my passport on Wednesday, but when I got home from my trip on Sunday, my passport was already waiting for me in my mailbox and everything was done/ok!

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