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三月に日本に行きます!I’m going to Japan in March!

February 12, 2010

Once again, from my e-mail inbox to you — another Interac update!

Interac Co., Ltd – Arrival Confirmation (D) Spring 2010‏

Fri 2/12/10 2:42 AM

Dear Jennifer,
Thank you for your patience. As you should by now be aware your position in Atsuma has been confirmed. We apologize for any delay in getting back to you regarding your arrival date and greatly appreciate your continued patience and cooperation.
Arrival Dates:
We would like to ask you to arrive in Japan on the 22-Mar-2010. Please purchase your ticket to arrive on this date. Please also be aware when you purchase tickets that you will be arriving IN JAPAN on the 22-Mar-2010. Depending on your country of origin, you may be crossing the international dateline, meaning you would be leaving your home country on a different date. Please ensure that you arrive at Narita International Airport.
Driving Licenses:
As you are required to drive for your assignment you must obtain an International Drivers Permit.
Please follow the information included in the e-mail entitled “Placement Information” for instructions on how to do this. Should you not have received this e-mail then please let me know.
When you obtain your IDP please ensure to have the start-date of your IDP commence on the no earlier than the 1st of April 2010 so that it is valid for as long as possible.
Please also do not forget to bring a valid domestic drivers license as the IDP is only valid when accompanied by your domestic license.

So many things are happening now! Updates are coming at me left and right.
Actually, I have a flight reservation on hold for me with United Airlines at the moment. You see, I can only get a free flight with my frequent flier miles if there are actually still eligible flights available! I have been getting antsy to book my flight because I’m afraid all the flights will be filled and then I’m stuck having to buy a ticket. This situation has already happened to my friend Jennie, and I simply cannot afford to purchase a ticket to Japan!

The main reason for my delay in purchasing a ticket is that I have to leave enough time for my Certificate of Eligibility to be received, filled out, mailed to Miami, processed, and mailed back to me. I don’t have an exact timeline down for how long this will take, but I have a pretty good idea. Everything will probably take about 10 days, give or take depending on how weekends fall since there is no mail on Sundays. I’ve already spoken with my recruiter (there are like five different contacts I have now at Interac!) about my tentative flight information, and he said that my hopeful arrival date should be fine; he suggested waiting until Monday or Tuesday though to confirm a few more details about my CoE before buying my ticket. I hope I can wait… my reservation expires on Saturday… a few days before Interac will be getting in touch with me. What should I do?
The other big reason I’m delaying is because I don’t know if I will be flying out from Florida or Pennsylvania. My initial plan was to leave Florida, head up to PA to say my goodbyes to family and friends and then head to Japan from the Philadelphia International Airport. I have very little money, but I found a one way ticket for under a hundred dollars (including taxes and fees)!!! I’m so strapped for cash, but saying goodbye is very important to me. I planned on dishing out a bit more money in order to have my family time. BUT THEN~~ some very, very frustrating circumstances came up and that plan got put on hold. BUT THEN AGAIN~~ it got fixed, and I was ready to get my ticket up to PA. So imagine my horror when I realize that in two days all the cheap flights were gone (and yes, I’ve even searched surrounding airports) and now every ticket available is well over $150.00 (not including taxes and fees). FAIL!
I am holding onto some random hope that a miracle will happen, but it doesn’t seem very likely.
So part of me is set on buying my ticket TOMORROW, because I’m 99% sure everything will be fine. But then that means positively, I can’t say goodbye to my family in person and there is still the 1% chance that my visa process gets incredibly delayed, and then I have to miss my flight because I can’t enter Japan without it. I can’t even imagine how much money in fees I would have to pay to switch it to a later day.


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  1. hamiinjapan permalink
    February 12, 2010 7:30 pm

    Poor you 😦 way too many things to think about. Could the family get to you instead of you going to them? x

    • February 12, 2010 7:47 pm

      Unfortunately not. 😦 It’s seriously impossible.
      I’ll probably just have to fly out from Florida, and just give them calls and video messages. But it’s not the same.
      I’m very happy I got to go home for Christmas at least.

  2. February 13, 2010 12:31 am

    Man, I’m really sorry to hear that!

    On a not-so-serious note, I was thinking that it is situations like this that they seriously should have implemented the Mario Bros. tunnel travel system!

    On a not-so-serious but somewhat serious note I feel for ya. I’m kinda thinking I won’t see my sister on the other side of the country. But the great thing I’ve found out about family is their love transcends even the momentary hugs or the waves goodbye because they always stick to the heart…like…leeches! It’s true calls and video messages have that ever present wall of distance that you can’t seem to ignore, but man, what a gift to have that!

    I’ll be praying things work out for you!

  3. hamiinjapan permalink
    February 13, 2010 3:03 pm

    Thats awful Jenn.

    I’m really licky in that I moved back to live my parents just over a year ago, and my sisters just down the road, so I get to see them. But what the jester is saying is true, and whilst I know its not the same, you’ll have all of us to give you a big hug when we get to Japan 🙂 We can be a temporary replacement x x

  4. February 13, 2010 4:01 pm

    Awwwwwh~ so sweet! Thank you! XD
    I really, really do love our group! ❤

  5. February 13, 2010 7:44 pm

    Oh no! This sounds similar to my situation. My family want me to fly from Manchester (which is also where my friends and boyfriend are) so we can all say goodbyes properly. However, it would be WAY cheaper (like £100 or more) to fly from London. Also, a lot of the Manchester flights stop over in London for HOURS so it makes a lot more sense just to get myself down there in the first place! Hmmm, tricky.
    I don’t know what you should do hun, can you borrow/loan the money for a ticket if it’s quite expensive? xx

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