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・・・に行きます!I’m going to ___!

February 1, 2010


Sure enough, I received my placement call this evening from the Tokyo main office. I had a feeling I would find out this evening!

I will be on the northern most of the four main islands that make up Japan.
The town I will be living and teaching in is Atsuma-cho. It is a very small town of only about 4,500 people. There are only four elementary schools in the entire town, and I will be teaching at all of them! I will literally know every child in the entire town of Atsuma! What a great opportunity for building relationships. Atsuma is located on the southern side of Hokkaido, beautifully nestled between mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

For me, the biggest excitement is that I will only be about an hour drive outside of Sapporo, the capital and largest city of Hokkaido. It is a beautiful, modern city of about 2 million people. I will be getting the mix of untouched nature with all the modern conveniences and excitement of big city life that I enjoy so much.

In the coming days I am going to be updating pretty heavily, giving loads of information about every single detail of this place. Keep watching for more and more updates!
But for now, here are some maps to give you a visual of where I will be living for the next year of my life!
And I’ve included a video about Sapporo as well!

Hokkaido! The pink island is all MINE! 🙂

This is where Atsuma is located!

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  1. Terrence permalink
    February 1, 2010 3:08 pm

    Nice! I asked for a northern placement incidentally at the interview in Orlando. It was really on a whim of sorts, since I don’t have a great preference for any area. Hokkaido was an area I was looking at.

    I got a call yesterday also. They are pretty on point with their estimations about contacting us eh? Interesting to hear you got all elementary too. It sounds like that is where the most need is.

    Anyway, the way I see it is that you never know when things will change. It’s always when you least expect or are looking for something that it comes. Who knows; at training, the placements might get changed.

  2. February 1, 2010 5:33 pm

    Oooh, where did they offer you? Have you accepted?! Are you in Hokkaido?!?!!?
    haha I’m desperate to find a friend.
    I’m genuinely content, though beginning to worry a tad about isolation. Inaka, ne? But I’m an introvert, so it’ll be fine. 🙂 Sapporo will be my savior.

    I’ve heard quite a few stories about placements getting changed at training. But, I’m not looking for that to happen. I’m just moving ahead planning on Hokkaido.
    And elementary school will be a fun challenge! Probably a lot of laughs and giggles rather than awkward silences. haha

  3. Terrence permalink
    February 1, 2010 8:35 pm

    They offered me Joetsu City in Niigata. It’s supposed to be cold, so I’m happy about that. I sent David an e-mail today saying I accepted.

    I’m sure you’ll find/make friends! Our little group can always keep in touch I’m sure.

    I’ve been reading about elementary vs. JHS, and it sounds like you get more chance to plan and do lessons on your own in elementary. What you say about the kids is true too! I also hear that the teachers in elementary tend to have less English speaking ability, so you get to practice Japanese more 🙂

    The e-mail from our fellow interviewees looks to be going around. Hopefully we’ll hear from more of them!

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