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八月?! August?!

January 23, 2010

Another update from Interac came the other day.

First off, there was some major confusion on my end. ((And I’ll admit, even a slight panic!))
Out of nowhere I received an e-mail saying this:

“UPDATE: 1/20/10: Several candidates have been offered employment but have been asked to start in August 2010 instead of a March (need to be in Japan) / April start date. We received word in early January that the total number of ALTs needed for April was revised to a much lower number. We simply had too many good candidates. Instead of turning people away altogether, the head office decided to offer employment for a later date to those who interviewed later in the season but were qualified. Please understand it was not our intention to have you start later and we welcome your acceptance for an August/September start date.
The email below still applies to August start dates but instead of hearing about placement in February, you will hear about placement in July.”

. . . Eh?
Why on earth was I suddenly being included on the mailing list for those who were deferred until August?!!?

Well, I received a secondary e-mail a day later, explaining

“Dear Jennifer,
Sorry for any confusion. My comments about an August start were addressed to those who received a very specific email about a later start date. Don’t Worry! You are not part of this group. Nothing has changed with your status and you are slated to go in March/April 2010.”

Seriously! Not a very funny joke~
Who knew totally healthy 25 year olds could go into cardiac arrest? (。_゜)〃プ~!

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  1. January 23, 2010 8:44 pm

    Awww! I’m so glad you’re not being pushed back to August! XD

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