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Frequent Flier Miles

January 19, 2010

I just found out a little bit of great news!

My flight to Japan is going to be free!

((I will still have to pay taxes and luggage fees though.))

I am, obviously, extremely excited by this and I feel very blessed! I am a member of the USAir Dividend Miles program. I’ve been a member since 1996 and have since accrued 61,000 miles. ((I really like to travel haha))
Now, several years ago, when I knew I wanted to go to Japan, I inquired as to how many miles one needed to have in order to fly to Asia for free. At the time, the policy was 80,000 miles. I knew that there was no way that in two years I would be flying around 25,000 miles. It just wasn’t conceivable.

I was still desperate to get a good deal to Japan though, as I am continually strapped for cash and am trying to save every penny I can. I began pricing flights. But I live on the East Coast of the United States, and everything I found was well over a thousand dollars. Ranging from $1,200 to $1,800.
I figured out a pretty good idea though to circumvent a lot of the outrageous price though.
I have more than enough miles to fly anywhere in the United States for free.
My plan was to fly to California for free, and then pay for a flight from Los Angeles or San Francisco to Tokyo. This cut the price down to $500 – $600!!!

But today, all of that changed. I knew that in the last few years, USAir became a part of the Star Alliance. It is an amalgamation of about 15 of the world’s largest airlines. I thought perhaps I should call USAir again and see if somehow I could transfer my miles or something — anything to get a better deal.
Sure enough, there were some changes.

I found out that the Star Alliance memberships work together. Some airlines, like Continental (before the merger) only required 60,000 miles to fly to Asia. And since they are one large group now, what holds for one airline, holds for them all. So now, USAir only requires 60,000 miles for a free trip to Japan. I am so excited!!!

As soon as I find out my scheduled arrival in Tokyo, I’ll be booking the flight.
Another great perk: no blackout dates! I am able to do this at any time of the year, based on available flights.

I am so happy! I don’t expect to have to pay more that $200.
What a major blessing!

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