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私の妹ちゃん!My Little Sister!

January 2, 2010

I saw her for a Christmas and birthday visit! (Her birthday is the day after Christmas. She just turned 21!!!

We get to see each other so rarely as she is back in Pennsylvania, and I’m in Florida, but when we do get to see each other, it’s so much fun and we’re all ラブラブ! (lovey dovey!) 

Our first moment together! We always take pictures in the car!

I won’t have to wait too much longer to see her again though. She just purchased her ticket to come visit me in Japan! I cannot wait for us to go rampaging through our beloved Shibuya 109 together! There will be much squealing and insane shopping done. I doubt Asia is ready for the wave of terror that we’ll be bringing. haha

While I was there, Nicole took me to the Japanese restaurant she works at: Sinobi! We had an awesome feast! We started off with green onion soup and gyoza. Then we had vegetable teriyaki! It was some of the sweetest teriyaki sauce I’ve ever tasted. I was thoroughly impressed. Then we each had tempura California roll and we nibbled on rice and sipped hot green tea. (I meant it when I said we had a feast!) I was so full afterwar! And imouto-chan surprised me by paying! How sweet! If you’re ever in the Western part of Pennsylvania and you’re looking for good Japanese food, I highly suggest you check Sinobi out! You can even get Nicole to be your waitress! (just tip her well! haha)

The best part of the trip though was getting to give Nicole her Christmas and birthday presents! I got her some extra special presents this year and the waiting was killing me! (I love giving gifts even more than receiving them! Seeing the reactions on the faces of my loved ones is just the best feeling in the world!) Nicole is recently obsessed with the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers) — a great drama by the way –! So I ordered her memorabilia from the show! I got her the necklace which she had been wanting… but the best thing was the buy one get one free posters!!!! I couldn’t wait to see her reaction… I anticipated squealing and I got exactly that!

She is such a wonderful, darling, that I simply had to go all out on her gift! And seeing her smile was worth it!

She is proudly displaying her new wall art! She's going to get a nice frame for it too!

But she is no slouch on giving good gifts either! She got me more volumes of Fruits Basket (which is absolutely perfect! And I also got the biography Geisha, A Life! I’m so excited to start reading it! I am an avid reader (a degree in English Literature will do that to you…) and I just finished Shopgirl in the middle of my travels, so I’m looking forward to beginning something new! Being together for just two days wasn’t nearly enough though. I missed her the minute I left. I was quite disheartened as I left because I was unable to spend New Year’s with her… but our hearts are knit together tightly… and well, we text incessantly! But one beautiful lesson that I’ve learn in my life is that when you truly love someone, even though it’s awful being away from them, it just makes you cherish the time you have together all the more. It’s a wonderful connection when you can just pick right up where you’ve left off… no matter what transpires during the in-between. Soul ties are deeply rooted, defying even our natural understanding sometimes. I love her, she loves me… we’re a happy family~~!~

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