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Fashion type stuff~~!~ ♥

December 23, 2009

Thanks to two wonderful friends, I am now feeling much better about my appearance~~!~
I have desperately been needing my bangs trimmed for ages.

My friend Kadi is an awesome, amazing, super-spectacular hair stylist. When I found out she was going to spend the weekend at my place, I was excited… first to see her (she’s so much fun!) since it’s been ages. But I must admit, I was secretly hoping for she’d bring her scissors and fix up my mop of hair. She did exactly what I wanted her to do… and now, I look awesome, amazing, and super-spectacular like her! (Well, actually, probably not even close, but I feel like I can see through my hair again! hahahaha)

WOW! You can see both of my eyes now! What a change! haha

So my best friend… is truly the bestest! (You know I mean that since I used a double superlative! 😉 For a Christmas present, she got me a brand new pea coat! I was stunned! It’s beautiful! Blue and black wool… I just love it! ♥ She knew I was going to freeze when I got back to Pennsylvania. We’re both from the same place and so I was wondering if she just wanted to wait to exchange gifts until we were both home in PA. But she adorably and slyly said “no, I just really want to give you your gifts before you go back.” hehe Now I know why. Thanks An-chan! You saved me from a freezing cold death trap! Here I am modeling a little bit of the coat and a scarf.

I am now currently obsessed with finding myself a nice pair of boots. A classic pair of knee high black with nice heels. Two of my friends just got nice ones from Aldo… *siiiigh* wouldn’t that be grand? If only I thought Santa Clause would put that under the tree for me. These are my Aldo dream boots~~!~

Aldo - Pinzon style - size 9 - black

I hope you all get exactly what you want for Christmas~~!~

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