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どこへ?Where to?

December 23, 2009

Interac Update

Once again, from my e-mail inbox to you —

22 December 2009
“For those of you who have already submitted all the required documents to apply for your certificate of eligibility, or if you are able to submit them before the end of this week, we are planning to visit the Immigration Bureau and lodge your Certificate of Eligibility application in late December (24th to 31st). This will allow us ample time to receive them in the New Year and send them to you when the time comes. —
We have now begun to tentatively place those who have submitted the required documents and will be calling you in mid to late January with your tentative assignment. Please note that your tentative assignment will have been selected based on your preferences and availability of contracts in the area. Naturally, clients’ needs and previous teachers placed in the area are also a very important factor in the decision making process.”


I’m very excited to hear all of this!
So, let me me tell you where I stated my preferences as being…

1. Saitama Prefecture (#35 on the map)
2. Shizuoka Prefecture –specifically Hamamatsu (#38 on the map)
3. Fukuoka Prefecture (#7 on the map)
4. Aichi Prefecture –specifically Nagoya (#1 on the map)
5. Kyoto Prefecture (#22 on the map)

Now, I told them that I’d rather be somewhere in Japan, even if it was extremely rural, than not be in Japan at all. I suppose there’s always the odd chance that I’d end up in Hokkaido or somewhere like Akita. But I don’t expect that to happen. Those are my top choices… and tentative placement has begun! YAY! I’ll take any assignment at this point, but I’m hopeful for at least somewhere in one of those five choices. More to come later!

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