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始まるよ!Let’s get started!

October 17, 2009


I don’t have any.

I hate it. I need it. I hate that I need it.

That pretty much sums up the one and only thought swirling around my head at any given moment. All throughout my day, in between filling up my gas tank and buying kitty litter, I have tiny little self-contained panic attacks about my finances. It’s stress like this that leads me to make painful cutbacks in my life: single ply toilet paper and generic brand shampoo.  Let’s not even discuss how long it’s been since I’ve had an iced soy chai latte from Starbucks.

The bottom line is, I need $5,000 to have a smooth, successful move to Japan. I need it by March.

So rather then let one more day pass by thinking about how I really need to be saving, I decided to start a piggy bank. I’ve always been told that change adds up. Once I read a story in Reader’s Digest (I was in a doctor’s office, okay?) about how a lady emptied out her husband’s change every night into a jar. In one year they had enough to go on a cruise. Well, I don’t really want to go on a cruise, so I don’t know how much they cost;  it sounded like a lot of money though.

So last Tuesday, I started a piggy bank for Japan!

But, it isn’t as cute as I would have hoped. It isn’t even as practical as a jar. I thought to myself, “surely we have a large, deep, bottle type container somewhere in this house!” I was wrong. This happens frequently. After a good thirty minutes of searching unbelievably dusty nooks and crannies, I finally grabbed a chair (I hate small heights) and climbed up to survey the top of the refrigerator. I found an old, red, plastic mug. Granted, it’s larger than the average mug and it also has a lid. However this is not what I was hoping for. Decidely less offical looking than I expected. So that leaves me wondering… should I buy a piggy bank? Does it really take money to make money? Is that another classic example of silly expenditures that add up here and there and widdle away at my now oh so important change?

I don’t know. For right now, I have a mug bank. And it has seventy dollars and some odd cents in it. It’s an extremely humble start, but at least I’ve begun.

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  1. Pablo Ibanez Delgado permalink
    October 18, 2009 4:12 pm

    Wahahaha! Success for your future plans! And… Unless you ask for charity, it’ll be difficult to have that much money by March (well, I don’t know how long you’ve been saving…)

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